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Our Decorative Tin Panels are ideal for use in hotels, restaurants, bars, retail, casinos, cruise ships, offices, public spaces, and residential projects.

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Measuring for a Ceiling or Wall
1. Measure the lenght and width in feet.
2. Round to the nearest whole number for Nail-Up and Drop-In and the next even number of Snap Lock.
3. (Lenght x Width) / 4 = Total number of tiles required.
For irregular rooms, break down the whole area into sections to find the total number of tiles needed.

Measuring for a Backsplash
1. Measure the length and height in feet.
2. Note areas taller than 609.6mm. These areas will need more than 1 panel to cover vertically.
3. (Length x Height) / 4 = Total number of tiles required.
We recommend ordering 1 or 2 extra tiles to allow for any mistakes.







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