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All Decorative Panels are 600mm x 600mm and made from original .010 tin plated steel. Click on the pattern you like to view our range of colours and pricing per panel. Decorative tin pressed panels are ideal for Ceilings, Backsplashes & Walls. Vintage has over 30 years experience as suppliers in the pressed ceilings industry.
Order our panels online - choose from over 50 amazing colour options under any pattern style.

Explore our tin panels for your ceilings and walls.
We feature various patterns & colours for a distinctive design in any space: residential & commercial.

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The versatility and fire resistance of tin make it ideal for ceilings and backsplashes, however, it is the sheer WOW factor that makes tin tiles the go-to product for homeowners, DIY'ers, architects, decorators, and designers. Today, you'll find beautiful tin tiles everywhere, from kitchens, foyers, basements and accent walls, to bars, restaurants, and retail spaces, where they add a touch of elegance and class. Our Tin Pressed Ceiling Panels are not the cheapest but they are the best quality.


Our tin pressed panels are fire resistant classified as Class A Flame Spread Index and Class A Smoke Development Index. Our panels have succesfully passed a range of fire testings. Tin Panels offer a higher fire rating than PVC or fibreglass.




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