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The American Tin Ceiling Company is the leading manufacturer of tin ceiling tiles in the world. Vintage Pressed Ceiling is the sole importer of the American Tin Range in South Africa. We supply both finished and unfinished tin ceiling tiles and tin backsplashes for commercial applications, residential installations and DIY projects. The patented SnapLock ceiling tiles are the only ones in the industry that can screw directly into drywall or popcorn ceilings making remodeling easy and affordable.

Follow our easy installation videos below.


DIY Tin Ceiling Tiles Overview


Introduction to SnapLock Tin Ceiling Tiles


Installing a Kitchen Backsplash


Tin Ceilings: Installation Method


Tin Ceilings: Nailup Installation


Tin Tiles for Commercial Projects


Drop-in / Suspended Tin Ceiling Tiles


Tin Ceilings - SnapLock (Part 1)


Tin Ceilings - SnapLock (Part 2)


Tin Ceilings - SnapLock (Part 3)


How to Cut Kitchen Backplash and Ceiling Tiles


Popcorn Tin Ceiling Tile Installation


Drop-In Tin Ceiling Tiles (1/3)


Measuring for Drop-In Tin Ceiling Tiles (2/3)


Installing Drop-In Tin Ceiling Tiles (3/3)


Installing Drop-In Tin Ceiling Tiles (3/3)


Introduction to 3D Drop-in Tin Ceilings


Molding Installation (Compound Corners)



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