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Vintage Pressed Ceilings import quality PVC decorative ceiling / wall panels. We have a vast range of antique, classic to minimilistic, vintage to ultra-modern pressed ceiling pattern designs. Our antique pvc ceiling panels / tiles are suitable for homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, boardrooms, reception areas and more.

Supplying the most unique range of PVC Pressed Ceiling Panel Patterns with amazing colour options.

These PVC Pressed Panels are easy to install in a grid system and directly applied with adhesive glue. Ceiling panels are water & stain resistant and washable, and does not require on-going maintenance. These pressed PVC panels are lightweight and perfect for ceilings & walls. Samples available on request. Our PVC range of pressed ceiling tiles are Class A Fire Rate Tested.
Order our decorative pressed panels online - choose from amazing colour options under any pattern style.

Order Online: Select a pattern to see our amazing colour options to add to your basket.


Pattern N101

Pattern N125

Pattern N116

Pattern N129

Pattern N124

Pattern N135

Pattern N134

Pattern N141

Pattern N142

Pattern N115

Pattern N104

Pattern N103





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